With a logo that looks like a motorcycle helmet, the Chiefs are easily the most unique team in the NFL. From their wild uniforms to their quirky draft traditions, Kansas City is the perfect home for a team as unique as the city itself. Check out our list of the best Kansa City Chiefs jerseys to see why.

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The black alternate is one of the most iconic jerseys shirt in NFL history. It’s a simple jersey with just a simple logo on the front. But when you put it on the field, it’s not a simple jersey at all. It’s almost like a superhero jersey for the NFL. With its bold black and white design, this jersey looks like a superhero is about to attack the other team.

The black jersey is a nod to the team’s history as a cross-state powerhouse in the AFL. With the Chiefs being one of the three AFL teams, they look like they’re ready to deflect any attacks that may come their way.

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The best new jersey design is easily the road grey alternate jersey. It’s a simple, elegant jersey with a grey body and a crisp white helmet with the Chiefs logo. This jersey is easily one of the best designs in the NFL. It’s simple and elegant, and it fits well with the rest of the team’s jersey designs. This jersey is great for road trips, because it’s simple and clean without distracting from the game. It’s also a great option for colder games during the season. It’s a simple grey jersey that’s not too heavy and packs well.

The team has used a few different road grey jerseys in recent years, and this one is easily the best. It’s simple and elegant without making the jersey too boring. It’s a great option for road trips and cold games during the season. It’s a simple grey jersey that’s not too heavy and packs well.

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